In 1948, George and Mary Oliver founded Oliver’s Supermarket. Their success came from hard work, dedicated employees and good old fashioned customer service. After 32 years of personally managing the business, they decided to retire.  In 1980, Ken Gnazzo and Len Noble purchased Oliver’s Supermarket with the resolve that they would continue their traditions. Almost 30 years later, Oliver’s Supermarket continues to provide the same level of customer service that could be found back in 1948. Oliver’s offers customized meat cutting – like the kind you used to find at the neighborhood butcher. They offer catering for any size party, always with free delivery. They have full deli, dairy and grocery departments. And when you don’t feel like cooking, you can purchase a freshly made meal to go, just pop it in the microwave and their ready to eat.  Their bakery items are baked fresh daily and their produce department is bursting with color and freshness. When you shop at Oliver’s you never have to bag your own groceries, carry them out or load them in your car – they do all of that for you. They understand how valuable your time is, you will never wait in a long line. Their cashiers and baggers are always ready to open another register just for you, the valuable customer. If you are looking for a supermarket that you won't have to walk through miles of aisles of ski hats and beach chairs to find the groceries you are looking for, then Oliver's is for you. Once you visit them, you will quickly understand why Oliver’s customers soon become Oliver’s friends.

75 Waterbury Rd
Prospect, CT.